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Easily access the essential information through our 2-pages factsheets explaining the tool, the grid equivalenting method, as well as the 7 use cases we have developed. 

Factsheet: Integrated Operation Planning Tool [ Download

Factsheet: Approach for generating grid equivalents [ Download ] 

Factsheet: Use Case 1: Coordinated voltage/reactive power control [ Download ] 

Factsheet: Use Case 2: Grid Congestion Management [ Download 

Factsheet: Use Case 3: Provision of frequency tertiary reserve based on coordinated TSO-DSO active power optimization
[ Download ] 

Factsheet: Use Case 4: Fast Frequency Restoration Control [ Download 

Factsheet: Use Case 5: Power balancing at DSO level [ Download ] 

Factsheet: Use Case 6: Inertia management [ Download ] 

Factsheet: Use Case 7: Optimal Energy Interruption Management [ Download ] 

Authors: Venizelos Efthymiou1, Christina Papadimitriou1, Minas Patsalides1, Marialaura Di Somma², Roberto Ciavarella², Giorgio Graditi², Maria Valenti², Anna Wakszyńska3, Michał Kosmecki3

1University of Cyprus (FOSS), ²ENEA, 3IEn


  • “An innovative integrated operation planning tool for the current and future 2030+ European power grid”, accepted at CIRED 2020 (online), 22-23 September 2020

Authors: Marialaura Di Somma1, Roberto Ciavarella1, Giorgio Graditi1, Maria Valenti1, Ata Khavari2, Michał Kosmecki3, Christina Papadimitriou4

1ENEA, 2DERlab, 3IEn, 4University of Cyprus (FOSS)

Authors: DERlab, representatives of DERlab member institutes

Authors: Sohail Khan1, Sawsan Henein1, Helfried Brunner1


Authors: Giorgio Graditi1, Roberto Ciavarella1, Marialaura Di Somma1, Maria Valenti1


Authors: Roberto Ciavarella1, Marialaura Di Somma1, Giorgio Graditi1, Maria Valenti1


Authors: Ata Khavari1, Melios Hadjikypris2, Giorgio Graditi3, Marialaura Di Somma3, Anna Wakszyńska4, Sawsan Henein5

1DERlab, 2University of Cyprus (FOSS), 3ENEA, 4IEn, 5AIT

Authors: Giorgio Graditi1, Roberto Ciavarella1, Marialaura Di Somma1, Maria Valenti1, Ata Khavari2, Melios Hadjikypris3

1ENEA, 2DERlab, 3University of Cyprus (FOSS) 

Authors: Melios Hadjikypris1, Venizelos Efthymiou1, George E. Georghiou1

1University of Cyprus (FOSS)

Authors: Ata Khavari1, Mohamed Shalaby1, Giorgio Graditi2, Roberto Ciavarella 2, Marialaura Di Somma 2, Maria Valenti 2, Helfried Brunner 3, Sawsan Henein 3, Sohail Khan 3, Jan Ringelstein4, Melios Hadjikypris5

1DERlab, ENEA, 3AIT, 4Fraunhofer IEE, 5University of Cyprus (FOSS)

Authors: Giorgio Graditi1, Marialaura Di Somma1, Maria Valenti1, Roberto Ciavarella1, Helfried Brunner2, Serdar Kadam2, Mihai Calin3, Ata Khavari3, Venizelos Efthymiou4, Andreas Meli4, Melios Hadjikypris4, Jan Ringelstein5, Alev Akbulut5, Michał Kosmecki6, Michał Bajor6, Anna Wakszyńska6

1ENEA, 2AIT, 3DERlab, 4University of Cyprus (FOSS), 5Fraunhofer IEE, 6IEn

  • “TSO-DSO Interaction in Germany: A brief overview”, presented at IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition 2018, Denver (US)

Authors: Sebastian Wende von Berg

1Fraunhofer IEE

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