EU research project INTERPLAN presents final project results: An integrated operation planning tool towards the pan-European network, with a focus on the TSO-DSO interfaces to support the EU in reaching the expected low-carbon targets, while maintaining network security and reliability.

INTERPLAN has come to an end after more than three years. The project consortium developed an integrated operation planning tool for the pan-European grid, defined as a methodology consisting of a set of functions (grid equivalents, control functions) for grid operation planning. It addresses a significant number of grid operation planning challenges of the current and the future 2030+ EU power grid from the perspective of the transmission grid, the distribution grid, and with a particular focus on the transmission-distribution interface. The developed tool’s functionalities are based on established commercially available products such as Python and PowerFactory, widely used by the industry and academia, and as such readily available for immediate adoption, implementation and further research activities. 

In more detail, the project results consist of:
• The integrated grid operation planning tool
• The embedded control functions in the use cases of the tool
• The analysis of grid codes
• The grid clustering and equivalenting method
• Further developments of the OpSim co-simulation tool

INTERPLAN project technical coordinator Helfried Brunner explaining the integrated network operation planning tool.

Press Release: INTERPLAN project presents final project results
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