In one of the project’s latest reports “Limitations in the analytical tools of the interconnected grid” the INTERPLAN consortium has carried out an analysis of limitations and criticalities for interconnecting the emerging technologies in the countries of the consortium.

The report documents a number of regulations and policies that influence the implementation of the emerging technologies into the grid in the countries of the consortium: Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Cyprus. Also exemplified in the report are certain national practices worthy of adopting and extending. Taking this assisting information into consideration for the upcoming work, INTERPLAN is committed to address the shortcomings in regulations and policies.

By the term “emerging technologies” we understand intermittent Renewable Energy Sources, storage (including electric vehicles) and flexible demand response.

Based on the outcomes of relevant European projects, INTERPLAN presented a list of example scenarios for connecting the emerging technologies to the grid.

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Limitations in the analytical tools of the interconnected grid
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