INTERPLAN took part to the MedPower 2020 conference, which was held online between 9-12 November. In collaboration with H2020 PANTERA project within their virtual workshop Energy transition through optimal use of the rich Renewable Energy Resources of the Mediterranean basin”, the workshop was a great success and covered different aspects the energy transition needs to address in order to contribute efficiently to the Energy Targets of the EU

During the INTERPLAN session entitled “How emerging technologies can support the operators in managing efficiently a high RES grid”, Ata Khavari (DERlab) and Christina Papadimitriou (FOSS) presented to the participants the project and its main outcome, i.e. the INTERPLAN tool [Learn more here] and how it can provide solutions to the operators for managing the grid with high RES penetration and emerging technologies, especially applicable to the challenges of the non-interconnected islands of the Mediterranean.


Please find below the session’s presentation files:

INTERPLAN project and the integrated network operation planning tool: A support for the operators to efficiently manage a network with high share of RES and other emerging technologies. 

Presented by Ata Khavari (DERlab). 

A showcase of INTERPLAN tool: Maintain frequency stability in low inertia systems through innovative inertia management and fast frequency restoration control functions.

Presented by Christina Papadimitriou (FOSS).

INTERPLAN session at MedPower 2020 outcomes
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