The project report “INTERPLAN scenarios which will be validated in the simulation” aims to develop a plan for the implementation of the simulation of the five showcases previously developed in the INTERPLAN project.

This document contains an analysis of the showcase requirements in terms of validation, a summary about the current availability of grid models and time series, an introduction to the OpSim co-simulation platform, and finally a description of the reference validation scenario.

INTERPLAN analysed national and European regulation and grid codes, and defined a number of use cases which are relevant for today’s and future network operation and planning. Scenarios for the future electric energy system were looked up, namely for the years 2030 and 2050. In parallel, network models for all voltage levels were prepared.

Based on this work, five showcases were designed. The showcases put the use cases into a concrete technical setting, including a scenario, network planning and operation criteria. They also define needed simulation types, time-series and grid model data.

This simulation is an integral part of the proposed INTERPLAN tool.

INTERPLAN Scenarios which will be validated in the simulation
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