The INTERPLAN report “Grid Code Recommendations” focuses on the identified last step of the process for validating achieved results and outcomes of the INTERPLAN project through extensive deliberations with a brought spectrum of stakeholders representing the industry as a whole.

In this document, targeted feedback from stakeholders and recommendations for amendment on the grid codes and regulations related to the emerging technologies (storage, Demand Response (DR), electric mobility and renewables (RES)) are presented. In specific, the stakeholders’ feedback was gathered to further elaborate on the shortcomings and barriers of the regulations and codes on emerging technologies as identified under previous activities of the INTERPLAN project. Hence, interviews with selected experts representing the stakeholders of the industry were conducted in an attempt to validate and endorse what the INTERPLAN consortium has identified while discussing at the same time the required amendments and / or extensions of grid codes and regulation policies at EU level.

INTERPLAN report on Grid Code Recommendations
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