INTERPLAN project’s latest report “INTERPLAN showcases”  presents the project operation planning tool showcases, which are based on the previously defined use cases and identified EU grid scenarios.  These showcases will be critical for the implementation of the network operation planning tool as planned in the project. 

In total, five showcases were proposed:

  • Low inertia systems
  • Effective DER operation planning through active and reactive power control
  • TSO-DSO power flow optimization
  • Active and reactive power flow optimization at transmission and distribution networks
  • Optimal energy interruption management

For each showcase, a relevant base showcase was created in order to analyse the impact of controllers proposed in the showcases. This analysis was conducted through using Key Performance Indicators assigned to base showcases and showcases.

Furthermore, members of the consortium have identified beneficiaries of the showcases, such as TSOs, DSOs, aggregators, etc. and have analysed the possible threats to the showcases implementation process.

Learn more about it here.

We would love to know your opinion about our work on operational planning of the future EU grid. Please take a minute to leave us your feedback below, and we will return the favour by informing you about our developments and inviting you to our stakeholder events.

INTERPLAN operation planning tool showcases
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