INTERPLAN fosters international collaborations

On 18 July 2019, INTERPLAN Project was discussed in Rome with representatives from the University of Tokyo and the Center of Low Carbon Society Strategy Japan Science and Technology Agency.

INTERPLAN project was presented by Giorgio Graditi (ENEA) and Marialaura Di Somma (ENEA) to Prof. Koichi Yamada from University of Tokyo and Dr. Toshihiro Inoue from the Center of Low Carbon Society Strategy Japan Science and Technology Agency, considering their strong interest in the project’s activities known through INTERPLAN’s website.

The Center of Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS) was established in December 2009 in the Japan Science and Technology Agency, with the aim to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and affluent low carbon society, leading to the development of a new economy and society in Japan based on the deployment of more efficient energy technologies and the increase of renewable energy use.

The importance of the project for addressing the future issues of the pan-European network was highlighted, with an emphasis on the use cases and showcase and the INTERPLAN integrated operation planning tool. The benefits to become an INTERPLAN stakeholder were also discussed, by encouraging their future involvement in the project’s activities.

INTERPLAN’s presentation received great interest from these international guests and set the ground for fostering future international collaboration.

INTERPLAN fosters international collaborations
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