One of INTERPLAN’s first deliverables “Ethics requirements” presents the ethics methodology for involving external stakeholders in the project.

In order to validate and complement INTERPLAN recommendations for improving regulations and grid rules, the project consortium will involve external stakeholders, such as grid operators, public authorities, industry representatives, energy utilities, and research organisations.

Placing emphasis on the ethical aspect of this interaction, INTERPLAN consolidated the planned approach in the deliverable “Ethics requirements”. The document elaborates on procedures for identifying and approaching stakeholders and addressing data protection issues.

A transparent and justified stakeholder engagement strategy will enable INTERPLAN to foster a culture of cooperation between research infrastructure providers, grid operators and scientific communities. This approach will help the consortium increase the project impact and enable the stakeholders to adopt and exploit the project outcomes.

Become INTERPLAN Stakeholder

Would you like to contribute to enhancing Europe's future grid operation? Then contact us! INTERPLAN exercises the novel approach of actively involving external stakeholders in a series of targeted workshops in order to validate and complemente project recommendations on regulations and grid rules. This strategy is the key to actual adoption and further exploitation in the market

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