Annex 6 of ISGAN (International Smart Grid Action Network) presents the lessons learned from international projects on TSO-DSO interaction, in which INTERPLAN project’s outcomes were presented. 

This discussion paper identifies and consolidates the lessons learned from international projects, use cases, and best practices on TSO-DSO interaction. This work aims to present a global view of developments of TSO-DSO interaction based on collaboration from stakeholders within the ISGAN community, as well as additional collaboration partners (TSOs, DSOs, project leaders, etc).

As H2020 INTERPLAN project is a project that aims to provide an integrated operation planning tool towards the pan-European network and its main stakeholders are system operators, the project’s feedback was particularly relevant within this report. Helfried Brunner (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), technical coordinator of INTERPLAN project, contributed to the report and provided an overview of the project and the tool, as well as the issues faced by TSOs and DSOs that are addressed by the INTERPLAN integrated operation planning tool. 

Learn more by downloading the full report and/or watching the very interesting video, which provides a high-level overview encapsulating the main findings.

INTERPLAN contributed to ISGAN report on “Lessons learned from international projects on TSO-DSO interaction”.
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