In INTERPLAN project’s latest report “Grid Code and regulation limitations” the identified practices in the countries of the consortium and related analysis and synthesis already conducted are extrapolated to cover all Member States aiming to identify gaps and barriers for integrating emerging technologies in existing grid codes.

This extended analysis was performed as follows:

  • Analyse Existing Network Codes related to emerging technologies and spot possible gaps and limitations.
  • Analyse Implementation Guidance Documents on integration of emerging technologies in regulations.

  • Questionnaire-based analysis on Grid Codes limitations.

  • Highlight the status of each Member State regarding their intention to integrate further regulations to achieve EU targets.

  • Extend the conclusions of the above bullets with further evidence and experience from use cases within INTERPLAN to get more conclusive evidence on the critical issues of grids in operation and possible interconnection limitations needed to be addressed in the future.

  • The last section reviews the report “A toolbox for TSOs and DSOs to make use of new system and grid services” that focuses on TSO – DSO coordination in congestion management and balancing services.
Grid Code and regulation limitations
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