Learn more about the interfaces and means used for data transmission for implementing the showcase control functions and performing the simulations.
The report also presents a set of software tools with according interfaces which can be used to prepare and execute a co-simulation for INTERPLAN. 

The project relies on predefined or proprietary data formats, data models and interfaces. The main types of interfaces described herein relate to interfaces between software systems that are used to develop, test, or simulate control functions. Most of these functions need two types of data as inputs: grid models and time series

For the grid models, there are generally two options:

  1. The internal data format of the grid calculation software PowerFactory by the manufacturer DIgSILENT 
  2. The JSON format supported by pandapower 2.0, which is a grid calculation software previously developed by Fraunhofer IEE and University of Kassel.

To convert pandapower JSON format to PowerFactory format, an automatic converter, developed within the project, is used.

Many of the projects showcases use a Python/PowerFactory advanced programming interface which is provided by DIgSILENT in order to exchange data between Python scripts and grid model. Also, time series data can be stored directly in the PowerFactory internal data format.

Also, many project showcases include two use cases and hence at least two separated control functions which are executed subsequently. This creates the need to transmit information between them, which particularly relates to setpoints for grid assets calculated by the control function first executed and used by the second control function as an input. 

Furthermore, a tool set for co-simulation of INTERPLAN solutions has been developed. The co-simulation is based on the OpSim framework previously developed by Fraunhofer IEE and University of Kassel. OpSim provides its own data model and interfaces in form of “Client/Proxy” modules, which were found to be suitable for the project requirements.

A first co-simulation of an INTERPLAN control function was successfully executed as a proof-of-concept. This paves the way for validating the INTERPLAN tool by the example of one of the showcases.

Documentation of the data model and interfaces used in INTERPLAN
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