INTERPLAN Workshop at European Utility Week 2018

On 7 November 2018 the INTERPLAN Project will hold a workshop “Innovative Operation Planning Tool for TSOs and DSOs” at the European Utility Week, one of the leading events for energy professionals.

INTERPLAN suggests an innovative methodology for clustering the grid, which will facilitate network operation planning. Based on this approach and the corresponding developments, in 2020 INTERPLAN will deliver an innovative tool for optimal network operation planning. The unique feature of the future INTERPLAN tool is the ability to consider the increasing share of new technologies in the grid.

By the term “new technologies” we understand intermittent Renewable Energy Sources, storage (including electric vehicles) and flexible demand response.

In this workshop, INTERPLAN will give an overview of the latest advancements towards the INTERPLAN methodology and the tool. In particular, the project partners will present the developed network operation use cases, show cases, and grid models, which will be the foundation of the INTERPLAN tool.

INTERPLAN partners are especially looking forward to the feedback from the audience on the project developments. All suggestions and criticism are given thorough consideration by the consortium. This approach ensures that INTERPLAN will reach its goal of optimising network operation planning.

Workshop agenda

09:00 – INTERPLAN project and its objectives

09:30 – Scenarios, use cases and show cases

10:00 – Grid clustering and equivalenting –TSO and DSO grid models

10:30 – Discussion and wrap-up

When: 7 November 2018, 09:00 – 11:00 

Where: Room Schubert 1, European Utility Week 2018, Vienna (AT)

The workshop will take place in conjunction with INTERPLAN’s presence at the exhibition area of the European Utility Week. Together with the ERIGrid project and DERlab, INTERPLAN will be disseminating its developments at the joint exhibition booth B.n63 in Hall B.

To be able to attend the workshop you must register for the EUW free visitor pass. Click “FREE VISITOR PASS”, go through the registration and you will get access to the INTERPLAN workshop, the INTERPLAN/ERIGrid/DERlab booth at the EUW exhibition area and the hub sessions.

INTERPLAN Workshop at European Utility Week 2018